Bonus Content

  • Olpe Lake is Wild

    Located just south of Emporia KS, Eagle DGC plays around Olpe Lake. It is an unforgiving layout and will leave you with an unforgettable experience.

  • Best Shot Bracket Teaser

    What are the best shots ever thrown on the Disc Golf Pro Tour? You get to decide.

  • Define the Game

    5 videos

    A 5-part promotional series created in 2015 looking into what defines the Disc Golf Pro Tour.

  • Flatball Collection

    8 videos

    Dennis Warsen created his documentary Flatball: A History of Ultimate to showcase the history and growth of Ultimate Frisbee. Now, he's shifting his focus to disc golf with a new feature length film on how the sport went from hippy roots to million dollar contracts while retaining it’s original s...

  • Disc Golf Network Trailer

  • 'Steady' Ed Headrick on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

    The inventor of disc golf and PDGA #1 "Steady" Ed Headrick on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson.

  • What is Disc Golf?

    Edited by Emmy Award winner Joe Canali, this video explains everything you need to know about disc golf.

  • Head Games

    Back in 2015, Emmy Award winner Joe Canali grabbed a camera and asked pros at the Greater Hartford Disc Golf Championship - What's your swing thought?

  • Disc Golf Stereotypes

    There are all kind of disc golfers out there. Which one are you?

  • A Stroll Through Fountain Hills

    Join the Disc Golf Network on a walk through the iconic Fountain Hills Disc Golf on the run up to the 2020 Memorial Championship, Presented by Discraft.

  • Foundations

    4 videos

    From Emmy Award Winning Producer and Editor Joe Canali comes Foundations, exploring the origin stories of your favorite Disc Golf Pro Tour players.