DGN Exclusive Interviews

DGN Exclusive Interviews

Interview exclusives with some of the biggest names in the game

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DGN Exclusive Interviews
  • A Conversation with Kevin Jones

    We sat down with Kevin Jones to talk about his win at the Mid America Open, his missteps at Discraft's Great Lakes Open, and how he's planning to repeat as Idlewild Open Champion.

  • A Conversation with Simon Lizotte

    Simon Lizotte is known for being one of the most entertaining players on tour, and that infectious personality is a big reason why his vlog has been so successful. In this interview, Simon talks about reaching 60,000 subscribers, where he's thinking of moving to next, and how he's staying sharp d...

  • A Conversation with Rebecca Cox

    Rebecca Cox has been playing disc golf since she was 9, and she's seen it all. In this interview, Rebecca dives into how she got her start in the sport, her experiences with race on tour, and her connection to the Idlewild community.

  • Holly Finley Exclusive Interview

    What do you know about the Duchess of Disc Golf, Holly Finley? The international fashion model turned disc golfer has an incredible story, from growing up with her grandparents in Tennessee, to modeling all over Europe for some of the top brands in the world.

  • Gregg Barsby Exclusive Interview

    There's more to Gregg Barsby than his 2018 Worlds title. In this Disc Golf Network exclusive interview, Gregg opens up about his blue collar upbringing, stories from growing up in the sport, and his legendary battle with Nate Doss at the Masters Cup in 2009.

  • Chris Dickerson Exclusive Interview

    We all miss disc golf. But thanks to the internet, we can still interview our favorite professional disc golfers while #socialdistancing! Check out this interview with Chris Dickerson, as we discuss #discgolflife under quarantine, the last time Chris missed cash, and how his doggo Sam is doing n...

  • Kevin Jones Exclusive Interview

    Check out this Disc Golf Network exclusive interview with KJ on his preparation for the season, why he struggled at The Memorial, and how he's planning on following up his 2019 win at Idlewild.

  • Heather Young Exclusive Interview

    Heather Young is one of the brightest young stars in the FPO game. Check out this interview with Heather just before the 2020 Waco Annual Charity Open, as she discusses her place in the next generation of FPO superstars, her infatuation with the color purple, and her expectations heading into 202...

  • Simon Lizotte Exclusive Interview

    Simon opens up about vlogging, his feelings towards The Memorial courses, and how he's adjusting to being back on tour after spending winter in the woods of Massachusetts.

  • Brodie Smith Full Interview

    We sat down with Brodie Smith the week before The Memorial to talk about his transition into disc golf, what he's learned from Paul McBeth, and how excited he is to make his tournament debut.

  • Paige Pierce Full Interview

    We talk to Paige Pierce about the process of creating her new putter, her new Discraft bag, and what her contract means for the women's side of the game.

  • Madison Walker Full Interview

    "I'm not giving up...I still have a lot to see."

    Check out this interview with Madison Walker from right before The Memorial. Madison talks about throwing ancient wooden spears, her injuries and how she's bouncing back from them, and why she hasn't given up on touring just yet.

  • Paul McBeth Full Interview

    Paul McBeth stops by to talk about his offseason injury, his new signature disc, Paige Pierce, and growing up as a shy kid from Huntington Beach.

  • Brodie Smith - On Playing His First DGPT Event

    Tour Director Jeff Spring sits down with Brodie Smith about his nerves heading into his first event, his strengths and weaknesses, and who he's hoping to inspire his first time out.

  • Tina and Eric Oakley Exclusive Interview

    Eric and Tina Oakley stop by to talk about the effect that COVID-19 has had on their lives, Eric being on the brink of a breakout season, and of course, SPOUT!!!

  • Cale Leiviska Exclusive Interview

    Cale Leiviska started his Airborn Disc Golf company with a friend back in 2013, and the disc golf world hasn't quite been the same since. Hear from the smoothest disc golfer on the planet, Cale Leiviska, about his growing interest in course design, his success early season success, and his plans...

  • Seth Munsey - Exclusive Interview

    Staying mentally and physically fit while we're locked in our homes isn't easy. In this interview, Seth Munsey walks us through exercises that we can all use to stay sharp as we get ready to get back out on the course 💪🏽

  • A Conversation with Ricky Wysocki

    Ricky Wysocki got off to a rocky start, but he's turned his season around with a big win at the 2020 Silver Cup. In this interview the 2x World Champ talks about his recovery from Lyme disease, the return of raptor legs, and what the Silver Cup win means to him.

  • A Conversation with Paul McBeth

    Paul McBeth has finished 10th, 5th, and 2nd in his last three events. Those would be great finishes for a lot of players, but McBeth is still hungry for more. In this interview, McBeth talks about the media, his struggles on the putting green over the last few events, his rivalry with Ricky Wyso...