Dynamic Discs Open

Dynamic Discs Open

5 Seasons

From the biggest little disc golf town in the world!

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Dynamic Discs Open
  • Round 1 | Dynamic Discs Open

    Episode 1

    The biggest little disc golf town in the world. It's the first day from Emporia.

    Please keep in mind that after the broadcast ends there is a 7-8 hour period where the stream has to upload to DGN. During that time it will be unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime, yo...

  • Round 1 | Women's 14-18 | Dynamic Discs Open

    Episode 2

    It ain't over 'til it's over! Watch as the FPO Feature card finishes their Round 1 from Wednesday.

  • Round 2 | Dynamic Discs Open

    Episode 3

    Time to make moves. It's Round 2 from Emporia.

    The broadcast can be viewed in its entirety in three pieces in the Dynamic Discs Open Collection. It is available as Men's Front, Men's Back, and Women's.

  • Round 3 | Dynamic Discs Open

    Episode 4

    The best golfers in the world are trying to make it to Saturday. Round 3 from Emporia.

    On-demand replays of the live broadcast are split into 3-parts (Men's Front, Men's Back, and Women's) and the first part will be processed and available for re-watch approximately at the completion of the men'...

  • Final Round | Dynamic Discs Open

    Episode 5

    Who's taking down the win in Emporia?

    Once the men's broadcast is complete the Front nine can be viewed in the Dynamic Discs Open Collection. As the Men's Back and Women's sections of the broadcast compete they will become available in the DDO collection as well.