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The Inside Line

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The Inside Line tackles the big issues in disc golf through the lens of course design.

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The Inside Line
  • Ep 2 - Huntington Beach

    5 time World Champion Paul McBeth learned to play disc golf at Huntington Beach Disc Golf Course, a 6,000 foot course built on fewer than 20 acres. So, how did an extraordinary player like McBeth come out an ordinary course like Huntington Beach?

  • Chris Brophy - Full Interview

    Long time Huntington Beach Local Chris Brophy goes on a deep dive with Mahmoud Bahrani about how an extraordinary player like Paul McBeth came out of an ordinary course like Huntington Beach Disc Golf Course.

  • Race and John Parmenter - Full Interview

    An extended interview with Paul McBeth's Little League baseball teammate and coach, Race and John Parmenter, on how he became the best open disc golfer in the world, and the influence that his hometown of Huntington Beach has had on him.

  • Paul McBeth - Full Interview

    The full interview with Paul McBeth from Episode 2 of The Inside Line.

  • Tommy Eckmann - Full Interview