The Par Tee Podcast

The Par Tee Podcast

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Welcome to the ParTee! Hannah McBeth and Christine Jennings are the hosts and you’re invited! This podcast has tournament talk, hot headlines, a segment for fan questions called ‘call me with Christine,” and interviews with the top professionals in FPO. Come ParTee with us!

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The Par Tee Podcast
  • ParTee #40 - Paul McBeth Speaks Out

    Episode 40

    Welcome back to the ParTee and back to one of our favorite styles of episodes, the CLOSET PANEL! Fortunately for us it’s been a good year and we were able to upgrade from a closet to an office / studio space so we have re-branded these episodes and would like to introduce to you the ParTee Panel!...

  • ParTee #39 - Kona’s Big Announcement

    Episode 39

    Welcome back to the partee! On this episode we sat down with none other than Kona Panis just hours after her huge sponsorship announcement! We got to interview her and talk with her about everything that went into the big move, what it means for her future, and who’s idea was it for her to ride i...

  • ParTee #38 - Sneaking up the leaderboard with DeAnn Carey

    Welcome back to the ParTee! This week we got a chance to hangout with DGPT up and comer Deann Carey! Deann started playing in Charlotte, North Carolina, a big hub for disc golf both professionally and on amateur levels. For the last few years Deann and husband AJ have been touring the country com...

  • ParTee #37 - Staying Humble ft. Kona Panis

    Episode 37

    On this episode of the ParTee Christine and Hannah hangout virtually with their friend and pro disc golfer Kona Panis! Kona had an incredible year in 2021 and came out on top of some of the toughest courses we see every season. Christine and Hannah ask her questions about all the attention and pr...

  • ParTee #36 - The U in Uplay (ft. Zoe Andyke)

    Episode 36

    Welcome back to the ParTee!
    This week Christine and Hannah kick back during the intro for some girl chat, and it is so nice. Can you believe Halloween and Thanksgiving are already over and we are officially in the Christmas season? Hello December! Later in the episode Hannah is joined by Zoe Andy...

  • ParTee #35 - DGPT class of 2021 ft. Val Jenkins

    Episode 35

    Welcome back to the ParTee!

    After several technical difficulties Hannah and Christine finally got a chance to have a virtual chat with none other than 4x world champion, PDGA hall of fame and DGN commentator, Valerie Jenkins Doss! Unfortunately none of the interview was salvageable, but they did...

  • ParTee #34 - Is There Room at the Top (ft. Tina Oakley)

    Episode 34

    Welcome back to the ParTee with Hannah and Christine! This week Hannah chats with owner and founder of Whale Sacs, Tina Oakley! Tina opens up about her entrepreneur journey with Whale Sacs, how she overcame difficulties in starting small businesses, and her 24 hour charity stream for #teamseas!

  • ParTee #33 - Marissa Explains it All (Ft. Missy Gannon)

    Episode 33

    Welcome back to the ParTee! This week we open our episode with an interview with Missy Gannon a few days after her amazing Throw Pink Championship win and a few days before the DGPT Championships (which she also went on to win)! Missy was stealing all the attention at the end of the year, but lot...

  • ParTee #32 - The Throw Pink Breakdown

    Episode 32

    Welcome back to the ParTee! This week we are back in person and we casually break down the Throw Pink Championships at Winthrop. Hannah recaps her perspective as a commentator on site and Christine helps break down the course as a competitor.
    In CALL ME WITH CHRISTINE we answer questions about ...

  • ParTee #31 - The Merger

    Episode 31

    Welcome back to the ParTee podcast! This week's episode is all about the merger between the PDGA and the DGPT! Okay. We obviously also talk about Hailey King’s success at the NT finale in Nashville, TN. Specifically her final round and the roller coaster that it was. We also chat about the drama ...

  • ParTee #30 - The Future is Pink Ft. Sara Nicholson, Jonathan Poole

    Episode 30

    Welcome back to the ParTee! This week's interview is with Throw Pink director Sara Nicholson and USDGC director Jonathan Poole! They came by to talk about the upcoming championships and what went into the decision to host the Throw Pink championship alongside USDGC. In TOURNAMENT TALK we get into...

  • ParTee #29 - Never Give Up (ft. Hailey King, Ellen Widboom)

    Episode 29

    Welcome back to the ParTee! In TOURNAMENT TALK we discuss the MVP Open at Maple Hill and similar yet individual success of Catrina Allen, Kona Panis, and Paige Pierce. Did you know Paige has won this event six times in the last eight years? Did you know Kona Panis took last place at this event in...

  • ParTee #28 - Become a Part of the Team PART 2 ft. Matt Grayum

    Episode 28

    Welcome back to the ParTee and welcome to part two of this episode!

    Our INTERVIEW this week is with Matt Grayum, host of the Nick and Matt show on youtube, host of Pro Tour Talk with Matt and Josh on the Disc Golf Network, founder of Kids Disc Golf, and Matt has assisted the disc golf media com...

  • ParTee #27 - Become a Part of the Team PART 1

    Episode 27

    Welcome back to the ParTee and welcome to part one of this episode! We are filming in the very studio that brings you the Nick and Matt show and Pro Tour Talk with Matt and Josh! How VIP are we this week ???
    In TOURNEY TALK we break down the Idlewild Open and Paige Pierce finding herself back on ...

  • ParTee #26 - What We Learned At Ledgestone

    Episode 26

    Welcome back to the ParTee! We are so happy to have you with us for today’s episode where we talk about everything happening in the world of women’s professional disc golf! In HOT HEADLINES we discuss Kristin Tattar’s impact on the FPO division in the United States (newsflash, things are not look...

  • ParTee #25 - How Far is Far Enough? (ft. Kristin Tattar)

    Episode 25

    Welcome back to the ParTee! In HOT HEADLINES Christine covers the Clash at the Canyons, a DGPT silver series where things heat up again for Kristin Tattar. Also, this is not a drill! Missy Gannon is on the board! She took down her first DGPT elite series event and we have to talk about it! Last, ...

  • ParTee #24 - What A Wonderful Worlds

    Episode 24

    Welcome back to the ParTee! We are finally catching up on everything from the World Championships. We weren’t procrastinating, it just took us a month to process what the heck happened (or something like that). In HOT HEADLINES we discuss the announcement of Discmania going separate ways from Inn...

  • Par Tee #23 - Break Buckets, Break Records (ft. Ella Hansen)

    Episode 23

    Welcome back to the ParTee! This week Hannah sits down screen to screen with ELLA HANSEN. Ella transitioned to Disc Golf from Ultimate Frisbee in Oregon and has already earned a sponsorship with Discmania, and a top three finish at a MAJOR EVENT (spoilers!) Ella and Hannah chat about her decision...

  • Par Tee #22 - The Future of FPO

    Episode 22

    Welcome back to the ParTee! In HOT HEADLINES we talk about Macie Walker's stellar showing at the Dynamic Discs Open, including an eagle on hole 17??!! Macie also talks to Hannah about her relationship with fellow Tennessee native and DGPT competitor Heather Young, and we have that audio clip! We ...

  • Par Tee #21 - Paige Shue & Missy Gannon

    Episode 21

    Welcome back to the ParTee! In this episode we are live on camera for the first time for our DGN subscribers! This is something that has helped us so much with this podcast so we hope you enjoy the new format! As far as this episode goes we get into a lot of what we've missed: the European open i...